Remove the obstacles


Namaste new and old yogi friends, 

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The monthly check in has arrived and I thank you for reading and supporting this forum as it provides me with a lot of purpose to continue  nurturing my off-the-mat practice... and literary skills if nothing else! 

Entering the second half of the year always feels like an adventure within an adventure. Checking in and setting new objectives. Never should it be about dwelling on what one hasn't done yet as the path is never certain, taking a detour is never a bad thing. I may say all this with what appears like supreme wisdom and knowledge, I too however fall victim (as do we all) to self-deprecation. I find myself on a daily basis having what feels like a miniature break down as I question what am I doing, how I’m doing it, where I should be, what do I even want? And its tiring. I then teach a class to be proud of and the worry begins to fade. My thoughts become more spacious, clearer and my whole body releases tension. Yoga is like magic to me- big surprise. Whether it be to you or not, we all need a release, a form of exercise or mental practise to provide escapism from our clouded reality. 


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In class this week we have been practising theGanesha Mudra. Ganesha is the Lord Of New Beginnings and the Remover Of Obstacles. He protects us from fear and helps us build strength. He is also known to place the obstacles there for us to learn to remove them ourselves in order to embrace new beginnings. If we refuse change, then we become stagnant. When we become stagnant, tension forms and if tension lingers then it morphs into pain, illness, depression and aggression. Change is good, on a world wide scale and we must embrace change to lead a healthy, moral and happy life. Find your ‘yoga’. Your ‘magic’ form or tension release.

When I practice and teach I slowly realise (all within the space of a day - as I said its a daily occurrence…) how much we as individuals are responsible for placing the obstacles there ourselves. These doubts and feelings don’t simply disappear and may never completely. When devastating events happen such as those of last weekend and others previously, we must learn to build our community’s strength and courage as these events have a world wide effect every single time they happen.
Like the obstacles in our mind, sadly these obstacles too will not disappear completely. Don’t ignore the obstacles. Recognise them for what they are - utter bullshit and we don’t need them festering inside us or within our community creating hate.
When bad things happen or negative thoughts enter our minds we can either let them defeat us or let them strengthen us by choosing to love ourselves and each other so much more. 


Classes and Retreat news 

This month I'll be covering a whole load of lovely classes, so check out the class schedule on my website. Would love to see you in class to rock it out on the mat. 

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Still spaces left on what will be a gorgeous 4 day retreat in Northern Portugal with me at the divine Chia Retreat centre. 

Come and bookend the summer with me from 1st-4th September in pure Portuguese bliss. Two juicy yoga classes a day. A morning fire flow and an afternoon chill out Yin session of dreams. We’ll soak up all the elements that the environment we will be living in can provide for us. Recharge to perfection and come to appreciate simply what is as it is. Look for the ‘Focus On The Good’ retreat on the Chia Retreats website

If you have any questions regarding yoga retreats then please email me here or from my website and I can clue you right up! “That yoga retreat was such a waste of time and I’m more stressed now than I was when I arrived” - Said absolutely NO-ONE ever. Yoga retreats are a means of pouring sweet nectar back into your life. Embrace it! 


Thank you as ever for reading, coming to class and purely being there. 
Have a wonderful, obstacle free month. 
Only good vibes!
Love as always, 

Alice Trow