A new beginning


Dearest Yoginis and Yogis 

I write to you having just returned from a remote Ashram in the unlikely location of Portland, Oregon. I've just completed the second module of my advanced yoga training with the supreme goddess that is Sianna Sherman - a renowned yoga practitioner based in the United States who has made an international name for herself.. It is an absolute honour to get this opportunity and to be able to travel 3 times in the space of a year for the program in the pursuit of furthering my knowledge and career in what I truly love to do. I can only hope it reflects within my own teachings that you so kindly attend. I have so much more awaiting you and hold you close to my heart as I continue to train.  

I've been meaning to start a mailing list for a while but have grappled with fear that has stopped me from doing so. We all face obstacles, mainly those we create in our own minds. It takes real strength and courage to tare down the walls of fear and step out of comfort zones and thus to a life worth living. The fear of failing and not ‘succeeding’ is a problem we have created for ourselves and simply doesn't exist. If we fail to try and break down the walls then nothing will change and time will conquer. As soon as we recognise that change is in fact the best and most natural step we could wish for ourselves then long may we live free of such nonsense. 

SO THANK YOU for being apart of my own transformation. I look forward to growing as a teacher and having you involved in this journey. It is a journey we are all on together. We are all connected. 

To view my full time table please turn your attention to my website www.alicetrowyoga.com 



Retreat News

I am also writing to promote a very special retreat I will be teaching on in Northern Portugal from 1st-4th September with Chia Retreats 

I will be guiding you through two daily yoga practices. A morning Dynamic Vinyasa class suitable for all levels and then an early evening Restorative class to help transition from day to night in the most peaceful way. The focus on the retreat is to ‘Focus On The Good’. To recognise and be grateful for what is working in our lives right now. Its easy to wish for more in a culture obsessed with possessions and pride. Let’s remind ourselves that less is more and we can find happiness by looking in to what we already and who we already have in our lives. 

You will be hosted like Kings and Queens with beautiful accommodation and all food heartily catered for you. Optional activities are available to to be added upon arrival if hiking and wine tasting is on your personal agenda for the weekend. All information on what is and is not included in the prices are clear to see on their website. Click here.

EARLY BIRD price offers are available until 15th May 2017. So if this is something you are tempted by or know you want to join us on then it is definitely worth jumping on the offer whilst it is still up for grabs! 

If you have any questions about this or want to know more about yoga retreats in general then please throw me an email. I’m truly passionate about yoga retreats having been on plenty and now crafting my own. I believe they are real treats we must give to ourselves if we are on a physical, mental or spiritual journey. Going alone has always been transformative for me. Equally come with friends and make it a memorable weekend with each other. You also have the rare offer of bringing a ‘non-yogi’ guest too whom can take advantage of the accommodation and food and is free to do as they please without having to pull on the yoga pants! There really is something for everyone on this retreat. 

Let us all focus on the good together. 

All the love in the universe,


Alice Trow