Fail to succeed


Good day my Yogis 

I’ve decided to start this month’s newsletter with a segment from what will be, when I get my act together and update my website’s, new “about me’ section.
I find any ‘describe yourself in 3 sentences’ kind of thing hideously hard to do. Just like that question from hell, ‘Tell us something interesting about yourself?’ Honestly when I hear that at any interview or audition I instantly want to punch myself in the throat. Raw image, apologies for that… So anyway, I just started waffling and came out with what I think is totally suitable for this post and will hopefully be helpful to all. 


I am where I am in my life as a result of my achievements and failures. It’s important to acknowledge what didn’t quite go to plan at times and use every opportunity as a lesson, be it good or bad.
It can be frustrating only being exposed to amazing and lucky things that happen to everyone else. *cough.. Instagram.. cough..* 
Definitely not to sound like a cynic but we need to be exposed to more truth and grit.
All those people that have made a hard hitting and lasting name for themselves are more impressive often because of their failures and drive through the struggle.

I used to be a closed book especially about things I was ashamed of not achieving. i.e. - Good grades, auditions, jobs etc. It hurts so much when we don’t get them because we rarely hear that side of the story. The truth is you’ll probably hear ‘No’more times than ‘Yes’ in this life so we must get better at living with it and not letting it rip us apart or take away the immensely unique and beautiful qualities of what makes us who we are. Let the good get better because of the bad. If that makes any sense to you… 

The idea of failure scares us but it happens. Let it mould the future. Letting an idea or a dream go can be so hard but often its important in terms of personal development. You don’t have to abandon everything because it didn't work out. Like I said, let it mould the future. Practicing non-attachment is so vital for this to happen. Sometimes all we need to do it adjust the idea and dream to find its way of succeeding.
The process of failure is integral for success. If we get attached to one idea and refuse to negotiate, then act like a petulant child once it didn't go according to plan we will inevitably let failure get the better of us rather than strengthen and educate us. 

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My aim for these blog posts is to translate all these yoga principles, such as practicing ‘non-attachment’, into the most assessable street language possible. Like I’ve mentioned before, I’ve found it difficult to comprehend the more spiritual, philosophical side of yoga. I communicate better through my body, always have. So through my studies and teachings I’m finding a way of relating the theory of yoga into my everyday life in a language and through analogies I totally get.
We may then realise we have been practicing yoga for longer than we thought and amazingly there doesn't even have to be a yoga mat or yoga pants involved at all!

On this note of ‘failure’ I have to announce that due to not enough participants, the retreat I was scheduled to teach on has had to be cancelled. Thank you so much to all those who have been keen and asking about it but there will ABSOLUTELY be another time.
You could say this experience, as it was my first, has had an impact on my decision to write about ‘failure’ because that’s exactly how I felt when sadly it was pulled. In the grand scheme of things, it really is nothing compared to so many troubles I’ve had before but of course this type of situation naturally has an effect on our confidence.
After initially taking it personally I realised I was only a small part of it. Its hard to get people to spend their hard-earned money which there is never enough of, match everyone’s holiday time and not to mention compete with all the competition out there!
I’m very passionate about yoga retreats and also passionate about choosing the right one for you.
I aim in the future to design a way of connecting the right pupils to teachers and as a result, the right retreats and trainings etc.
It’s important and financially vital that you are sure about who you invest your time and money in.
Yoga is a business like everything else. Its very easy to get sucked in to mistakes and scams and also very very easy to get lulled in by sparkly Instagram accounts. Even very honest and popular yoga practitioners selling their retreats and classes might not be for everyone. I’ve watched expectations be shattered because as consumers we go for what’s popular right now, rather than what’s deeply needed and ideal for us as individuals.
This industry is a strange place to be at times. My whole principle to yoga when I first decided to become a teacher was never about the aesthetics and selling a product or becoming my own brand. It’s still not. Yes I would love to host retreats but not for the money, I would love to get a free pair of clothes from a company but not to endlessly indorse them but because I have to wear this stuff every day and its now too expensive to buy on the pay we currently receive.
I’m a human being who likes my privacy and genuine authenticity in my work. I’m not good with the technical side of things to make my sites look pretty and I can’t sell shit. Which is probably exactly why I may find it harder to or take longer to “succeed” in everybody else’s eyes.
Recognising failure as a way of growing and building self-confidence as a result of it, is exactly what I'm focusing on right now.
Staying true to my personal beliefs on yoga and crafting the teacher/student I want to be will always be a working progress. I don't intend on selling out to create an illusion of success. I want to truly feel it, in the privacy of my own home, in the classes I teach and in what I do and don’t publish to the world. We must step away from associating success with ££ and with ‘likes’. I feel this transmits to who we give our money and our ‘likes’ to also.
Coming back to our intentions is what’s all about. Getting through the hard times with as much attention, focus and love as when we go through the good times. Being kind to ourselves and one another and being open to evolve and transform, during our own journey to our own definition of success

All the green for prosperity 

All the green for prosperity 

In other news....

I’m in the middle of trying to clean up and basically completely start from fresh with my website but my full class schedule is up for this month, including when and where I’m coving. 

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I have also started teaching as a private instructor through an app called Yogassential. Its a lovely start up to help you find local private teachers to your home or work place. You can chose the teacher and she/he will rock up to your address and give you or a group of you a private class. 

As I’m new to the group I have a promotion code you can use which will get you 20% off my classes in August! So let me know if you or a group of friends fancy a private session with me :) 

I have 5 to give away in August! 

Link to the Yogassential website here. 

Promotion code is: ALICET20

Before you buy, read this...

I want to take your attention to this excellent article on Yoga mats.
This company - have reviewed hundreds of brands of mats and have condensed their findings to their top 10.
I get asked a lot about things like this and what brands to go for. This is a great read if you're thinking of investing in one or upgrading from an old one. Check out the article here:



I get asked a lot about my playlists. I am a real sucker for a good yoga playlist.
I take my time sourcing out the best tunes and the right tunes to match my mood. It makes a huge difference to your practice if you appeal to all your senses.
So you can follow me on Spotify and use them to your hearts content!

I will always be grateful for your reading, your attendance in my classes and/or your general involvement in my life.
I talk of achievements and failures making up the aspects of our lives but its mainly all about those you surround yourselves with and the relationships we make along the way.
We are all connected and I thank you as always for being so present. 
With Love, 

Alice Trow