Show me the Darkness


Aloha friends, 

Winter has arrived and I’m chatting all things Darkness. 

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I touched briefly in last months blog post about the significance of Darkness to cultivate a wholesome existence. I spoke some shpeel about flipping our perspective and what we may usually associate with the idea of being in a ‘dark place’ or how darkness can so often be mistaken as evil and generally shite. 

Tapping into our ‘darkness’ is a fundamental process we have to go through, to get out of it. If we avoid the challenges and step around the obstacles they will still be there. They grow old and mouldy and even more ‘dark’ in our attempt to ignore and suppress them. Suppression isn't healthy. We need to tap into the brave, courageous side of ourselves. Embrace the darkness and drink it in to fully grow and evolve into the even more badass, beautiful, peaceful creature that we already are. 

The physical darkness, the one that we see at 3/4pm in England during this time of the year can be daunting. Although in the darkness may we nourish, may we grow and remember seasons change.

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I re-read a note I wrote down from a time at my training recently by my incredible Swami - 

“It is not our job as teachers to ever judge anybody; it is to hold the space for the students to change themselves.” 

I found this statement at exactly the time I needed to be reminded of it. I get frustrated with the teachers in life who feel it is their job to make their students into a version of themselves.
By nature humans like to be in control. Over time that need for control can transpire into an obsession and overlap into other people’s lives. As a result the desire to control others can bleed into a judgement of others, a strange hierarchy just because you are a ‘teacher’. Its an abuse of power and its not just the leaders of the free world sadly that are mistreating this power. Its the everyday ‘teacher’, the people we see sometimes unwillingly online and at work and in the family that can have such a profound effect on our lives and its damaging. 

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This weeks mudra is called Ksepana mudra. Its all about letting go. Recognise what it is or who it is that you need to gracefully let go of. Funnel out the negativity to absorb the beauty of simply being.

Being a yoga teacher is a crazy complex job. You see people from ALL walks of life, people suffering with everything imaginable sometimes all in the space of 24 hours. Without even needing to know any details we can feel the pain, the suffering, the energy of all of you. It is our job to simply guide. You find the rest of the way. We can provide eye opening techniques for your to tap in to during those hours of need such as mudras and mantras and breathing techniques. The Asana (the postures) are of course our expertise and our entry points to bring in the deeper levels of this incredible practice.

Sadly there are teachers out there who do not bring peace and don't offer a safe space for all. I’ve been there, I’ve felt it and I’ve proudly left. All I want to be is a teacher with integrity and authenticity and a person as vulnerable as the next to guide and be guided through this journey. There is nothing I say and write about in my classes that I don't or haven't had first hand experience of feeling.

We work our whole lives. We must tap into the darkness and do the inner work. Funnel out the bullshit and recognise what really is a load of absolute crap and a waste of time and energy. However what’s one persons cup of tea is certainly not for another. We are beautifully unique, so do it your way, always. The darkness is a time to break the mould. Every awful situation is an opportunity to grow. Never deny yourself that simple human right, to grow and to love. 

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If you read that, I really appreciate it. I don’t have a huge amount to announce I just feel a lovely pull to write and express what I feel and what I feel humanity feels as we are all connected. 



Although, I will address that my timetable will be changing soon!

I cant say yet what the new one will look like as I’m waiting to hear about it.

However, this Friday 24th November will be my last Yin Yoga class, 8.10-9.10pm @ Blok (I am still teaching Tuesday’s so don't fear!) Friday 8th December will be my last Friday completely of teaching Blok Flow and Cardio barre too.

After dedicating the last year and a half to teaching Friday night’s, I have decided to enter the real world again and enjoy that time for myself. It has been all kinds of wonderful and exhausting teaching a triple whammy on a Friday! So come by over the next few Fridays if you can :) 

I will send another email to shout about my timetable in the new year so I’ll keep you posted. For now you can check out my class schedule on my website. 

I’ll finishing all my classes on the 14th December until the new year as I’ll be away in Australia for a whole month making up for some much needed time in sun. My first trip there, first Christmas away from home and first hot winter. Bring it on. 


As always here is the link to my Spotify page to help be the soundtrack of your personal practice. Lots of special requests from Mama's to be to peacefully get through some long nights!

Keep delving deep yogis. Soon we enter a point of the year where we can see the home straight and sew the seeds for a prosperous new year.

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All my love, 




Alice Trow