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Long time no speak Yogi’s 

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Firstly, apologies for my long absence, life got a bit hectic, I’m sure you can relate. I miraculously completed my 300 hours of advanced yoga teacher training with Sianna Sherman in her specific style of practice called RASA yoga.

I also had a birthday so of course my head and body were in numerous places and its always important to really embrace life and make things all about you at that time. Why not? 

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As my finale module of teacher training was looming, It finally sunk in how much prep I had left to do. I had my head in books and feet on my mat religiously as well as hysterically teaching, yes hysterically teaching is exactly what it felt like leading up to my departure. 

It was bye-bye London, Hello Portland (Oregon) for the third and final time. What an adventure this year has been. I made a vow to myself to never stop learning and investing in my development as a member of humanity. I say it like this because this training was so much more than leaning to teach people to stand on their heads. It was a life lesson day after day after day and It will forever be (I believe) the best investment I may have ever and will ever make to myself.

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Over the past year my own transformation has been massive. It was made even more evident having all my Rasa yoga sisters notice the changes in my whole physical and energetic field over the gaps in which we were apart. Those who see you every day and even yourself cannot always see the subtle changes which turn into huge changes over time. When I compare myself from day 1 of the training to day 30 a year later, I am so proud of the decision to just say, ‘screw it lets do it’. A transformation of any kind takes time but when you really pour your whole self into it, its incredible how quick it can be. To change your perception, change anger into love, lose a few pounds, save a few and go from one yoga pose to its final stage, in a year is impressive! Our perception of time is weird and our constant need to rush is what will in the end slow us down. That’s why changing the mind is one of the greatest tools yoga can teach. 

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Rasa yoga is a beautiful style of yoga, integrating mythology, bio-mechanics, theming and love into a flow. My teacher is the master of this and it has been her desire to offer this as a training for years to create a community of ‘Rasikas’ all over the world. I am so proud to be one of them. Breath ~ Pulsation ~ Integration is the tag line of the flow and it doesn't fail in its promise to do that.

To explore Sianna Sherman and her Rasa yoga, click here. Its an adventure!

I am still in the process of letting it all sink in, the last 2 weeks and a year have been quite the physical and mental agility challenge. So. Much. Knowledge. I believe It’ll take the same amount of time to let it implant itself into my bones and teaching and thats okay. I hope for you all to be part of the process and experience it for yourself. 

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The title of the email ‘Peaceful Power’ is my current Sankalpa - aka an intention we set ourselves to live by. It was also the title of the class I taught to my fellow students and teacher whilst away. (Possibly the most built up event of my life). I will be continuing this class for a while to until my intention changes. It was inspired by events in the past in which have broken me down completely, a resistance to change and constantly be in a battle with myself. This year I found my peace. I actively decided it was time to build myself back up, piece my piece. (My transformation) and as a result can I find peace within the power of being me. It was time to shower myself with self love and respect and that in itself is a gesture of power. No more self deprecation and deflation. Trust what you know, be strong, be sure, be open, be loving, be powerful and do it peaceful. No more fighting, no more inner struggle.

The theme is an example of a paradox for me too which was a huge subject in the training. Can we learn to embrace the paradoxes in life. Light and dark, good and bad, love and hate and see that there is not one meaning for all things. We are not and nor are these words defined by one definition. Can we then see the light in the darkness, for example, can we see how the darkness is a place of nourishment, reflection, rehabilitation and love, as much as light can be. Can we see that light may be a place of excess and intimidation. Can we find that love and hate could perhaps be the same thing as well as being totally different. Love is not only a feeling of sweetness, rainbow’s and unicorns but is also painful and raw and it doesn't mean its not 'Love'. Often all the ‘opposites’ need the other to truly strive. It is a balance and yoga has been the means to educate me on this. 

This is going to be a huge email if I don't stop so I’ll continue all the extra’s I am dying to share in the months to come. Always good to not blow your load too early, am I right? - Cant believe Ive just put that in my yoga email but I’m sticking with it.
Half tempted to change the title to ‘don't blow your load’ but i’ll restrain. 

Here's a picture of me in full wheel to distract you from what I've just said!

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I am teaching a barre workshop at Blok London on Sunday 22nd October, 1.45-3.45pm. 

Delve into this juicy 2 hour Barre workshop. Gain a better knowledge and understanding of each part of the body that barre targets. I'll break it down and look at better technique which as a result will enable you to find a deeper and more efficient workout. Feel the burn and then enjoy the most indulgent cool down.


It currently only has 4 SPACES LEFT  so if its something that you're up for book book book and book here… 


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My original teach Rachel Perry is currently kicking some yoga booty in New Zealand and has started a dream podcast. She interviews yoga teachers about what its like to be a yoga teacher! (Check her out!)
I had the absolute honour of being the first! So please have a little listen, it was beyond delightful to do and if you’re a teacher yourself or thinking its something you might say ‘screw it lets do it’ too, then it will be incredibly informative.
Give it a listen, give it a like (I hate to be a slave to the likes but this one really helps get it boosted on itunes- always good to be honest right?) 


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The impossible has happened.
1- I have a wonderful tech savvy boyfriend in my life (credit where credits due) 
2 - he’s helped me shape up my website. So check it out and get up to date on my class schedule. It wont be changing for the next few months. From the new year it will be different. 

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Private session are also still available on Yogassential, I’ll be relocating to my birth home of North London really soon so private classes in that area are super averrable in my diary. 



Here is my spotify link once again, yoga tunes galore. 


So much outrageous love to you all, 



Just one more picture from Santorini. Here's me acting like I'm sponsored by the island. I wish!

Just one more picture from Santorini.
Here's me acting like I'm sponsored by the island. I wish!

Alice Trow