Alice Trow Yoga

Hi, I'm Alice.

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So where do I begin...

It’s hard to summarise yourself into a paragraph. I feel as though my whole life has been about condensing the ‘best’ parts of me and my achievements into a small ‘about me’ section, from theatre programmes as an actress, to gym profiles I teach at throughout London. I guess this is my sacred space so I don’t necessarily need to. I’m still figuring things out about myself as we all are, so I want to treat this a sacred space to simply be and give as much as I possibly can to offer myself as a yoga teacher, a student and a helping hand. The simple facts about me are:

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  • I was born and bred in London, currently still trudging the streets of my hometown.
  • I am an actress.
  • I trained as a yoga teacher after graduating from drama school to explore my love for physical movement and ask questions about this magical practice. I intend on learning more and more.
  • I’m a pescatarian
  • I vow to see as much of this world as humanly possible. Travel is a blessing much like your health.
  • I enjoy indie films and jazz music
  • I love chocolate and my puppy called Coco.

Apart from that, I am where I am in my life as a result of my achievements and failures. It’s important to acknowledge what didn’t quite go to plan at times and see how we get back up and use every opportunity as a lesson, be it good or bad. It can be so frustrating as human beings to only be exposed to all the amazing and lucky things that happen to everyone else. Definitely not to sound like a cynic but we need to be exposed to more truth and grit. All those people that have made a hard hitting and lasting name for themselves are more impressive often because of their failures and drive even through the struggle. I used to be a closed book especially about things I was ashamed of not achieving. Good grades, auditions, jobs etc. It hurts so much when we don’t get them because we rarely hear that side of the story. The truth is you’ll probably hear ‘No’ more times than ‘Yes’ in this life so we must get better at living with it and not letting it rip us apart or take away the immensely unique and beautiful qualities of what makes us who we are. Let the good get better because of the bad. If that makes any sense to you. It does to me and like I said, this is my sacred space so I’m happy with it.

The Official stuff...

200 Hour RYS Yoga Teacher Certification from YOGA LONDON, 2014. 

100 Hour Body Module from YOGA LONDON, 2015

300 Hour RYS (yoga alliance) RASA Yoga Teacher Training with SIANNA SHERMAN, 2017

Addition trainings in Yin Yoga and PRE/POST Natal.